How to


How the registration and bidding

process works online

Bidding is simple and intuitive. We take you through a quick registration to get you set up and off you go. Here’s a quick overview.

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    Choose your Property
  • 2
    Register to bid
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    Once approved, we’ll keep you updated with reminders
  • 4
    On auction day, sign in and select your auction
  • 5
    Watch and bid with confidence
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    If you are successful you’ll receive a call from the Vendor’s agent and proceed to electronic contract signing

How to bid online

Bidding online typically involves participating in an online auction or bidding process facilitated by a website. Here's a general guide on how to bid online:

Start with Creating an Account: The first step in participating in online auctions is to register on the online auction platform by creating an account. This is a crucial step as it provides the platform with your necessary information, such as your name, email address, and payment details.

Understand the Auction Details: Browse the available auctions and select the one you want to participate in. Read the auction details carefully, including the item description, starting price, bidding increments, and auction duration.

Conduct Thorough research: Before you bid, it's essential to conduct thorough research on the item you intend to bid on. Review the item's description, condition, photos, and any additional information the Agent/Broker provided. Consider factors like market value, rarity, and demand to assess its value. This research will help you make an informed bidding decision.

Set a Maximum Bid: Determine the maximum amount you are willing to bid for the property. Consider your budget, the property's value, and your level of interest. Setting a maximum bid allows the system to automatically increase your bid incrementally on your behalf, up to your specified maximum amount.

Place a Bid: Once you are ready to bid, locate the bidding section on the auction page. Please enter your bid amount to ensure it meets or exceeds the current minimum bid or the bid increment. Click the "Place Bid" or similar button to submit your bid.

Monitor the Auction: Monitor the auction to see if other bidders place higher bids. If another bidder surpasses your maximum bid, you may increase your bid or decide not to proceed further.

Manage Your Bids: If you are outbid, you can continue to place higher bids until the auction concludes or your maximum bid is reached. Enter your maximum bid upfront, and the system automatically increases your bid incrementally to maintain your position as the highest bidder.

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